Buying from Bagatelle

Are all the items on sale in Bagatelle authentic?

Yes. All the items that are available on sale on Bagatelle website, Instagram, Facebook and boutique in Mercato Shopping Mall go through rigorous authentication processes by our brand experts. Visit our Authenticity section to learn more about our authenticity promise!

Do the items Bagatelle sell come with an authenticity card, original receipt or certificates?

Most of the items we have at Bagatelle belong to different individuals therefore the availability of mentioned above differs from one item to another. We sell the items with whatever was provided with it in terms of authenticity cards, dust bags, boxes, papers and original receipts. We also provide our own in-shop receipt for all sold item than can be either printed or emailed.

Does Bagatelle guarantee authenticity of all the items?

Before anything is finally accepted to be sold through our boutique or online, it will undergo a rigorous brand-specific process of authentication by our in-house experts. We ensure the highest level of service and security especially when it comes to authentication therefore we guarantee authenticity of each and every item available with us. We also provide a lifetime return policy should any items we sell be proven to be non-authentic. If you have other concerns or questions regarding the authenticity of an item, our experts will be more than happy to walk you through the entire authentication process personally until you are sure.

Are all the items sold on Bagatelle used?

The majority of the items with us are pre-loved. We have some brand new and never used items.

How are the condition of the items sold on Bagatelle?

Because of our sellers and buyers trust and high expectations, we only accept items that range from new condition to very good therefore the condition of the items we sell range from pristine to very good and the condition of each item is stated in the item description.
New: Brand New item that has never been used.
Pristine: The item looks like new with no visible signs of wear and tear.
Excellent: The item is used and in excellent condition with slight signs of wear.
Very Good: The items is used in very good condition with normal signs of wear.

What payment methods does Bagatelle offer to buy items?

To make your life easier, we offer you several methods to purchase from us:

  1. Credit Card (Mastercard / Visa)
  2. Cash on Delivery (UAE only - AED 30 charge)
  3. Installment Plan with major banks (UAE and Saudi Arabia only)
  4. PayPal (5% Charge)
  5. Bank Transfer to Bagatelle Bank Account
  6. Exchange Centers: Western Union - Al Ansari - UAE Exchange - Xpress Money

What if I want to resell an item that I bought from Bagatelle?

Yes you can. At Bagatelle, our buyers can easily sell their items to us and they will get up to 70% of the new resale value of the item, depending on the condition.

What is the security tag on my item?

We place a security tag on each item we sell to ensure security in case of return. The tag does not damage the item in any way and it is easy to remove with scissors. The tag cannot be re-attached to the item so once it is removed we cannot accept the item for return. If you wish to return an item for any reason, the original tag must still be attached to it.

Does Bagatelle have a physical store that I can visit?

Yes. Our boutique is located in the address below:

Mercato Shopping Mall - First Floor
Jumeirah 1 St.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
P.O Box: 128332
Landline: +971 4 343 0991

Selling with Bagatelle

What we expect of your items:

1. Authentic designer items.
2. Items to be in pristine to very good condition.
3. Any sort of extra information that supports authenticity (original receipt, authenticity card, name/location/approximate date it was purchased, box, dust bag).
4. To have a resale value of at least 500 AED.
5. To be consigned with us for at least 90 days.

What you can expect of us:

1. Authenticate, photograph, create content, post, and make your item ready to sell online and in-store.
2. Assume responsibility for answering questions, packaging, and shipping items to customers.
3. Attempt to obtain the highest possible selling price for your items.
4. Take reasonable care of your items while in our possession, including adequate insurance against damage and loss.

Does Bagatelle buy or consign my items?

At Bagatelle we have both options. We either consign your items (keep the items with us and sell it for a commission) or buy your items directly from you.
Should we agree on a consignment basis selling process, your items will be cleaned, filled, photographed, posted and displayed in our shop for no less than 90 days.
The other option (when applicable) is we make you an offer and upon agreement, we pay you immediately through cash, bank transfer or exchange centers like Western Union. Once the item is paid for, it will belong to Bagatelle and we have the complete right to use it however we deem necessary.

Is there a limit on how many items I can sell/consign with Bagatelle?

There is no limit. You can sell as many items as you want with us.

How much will I get for my items?

With Bagatelle you can get up to 70% of your items resale value! The conditions that determine the exact amount depends on the brand, what comes with the items and how quick you want to sell them. We charge a commission of up to 35% depending on the value of item.

Who will determine the selling price?

At Bagatelle we do our due diligence when it comes to finding the best resale price for your items. Our 9 year experience in the market gives us the advantage of offering you a fair quotation whether we are buying or consigning. After evaluating the condition of your item, how "wanted" it is and doing our research, we offer you the price. In addition, we take into consideration any reasonable price you have in mind.

What happens if my items were not accepted?

For any items not accepted, we will contact you to arrange return and collection without any charge. Collection of returned/rejected items will be within 3 days post notice, after which Bagatelle reserves the right to ship the item(s) at the consignee's expense. If you did not provide us with a return address you will need to collect your items within 90 days or contact us to have them delivered to you. Items not collected within 90 days will be donated to a charity organization. In the case your items were not accepted because they turned out to be inauthentic, we will charge you 150 AED per item at the time of return.

How fast will my items sell?

The speed at which your items sell depends on several factors that include brand, condition, style, and price. Some brands are more desirable than others and some styles are quick to go so keep in mind that the current fashion trend plays a huge role. If you really want to sell your items quickly, you can either accept our cash payment (usually less than consignment but immediate) or consider lowering the price. At Bagatelle, we promise to expose your items as much as possible for it to sell quickly while taking into consideration all the other stock.

Do I have to keep my item with Bagatelle?

Yes. We only sell items that we physically have in our shop or warehouse for security reasons. We also give a chance for every item to be displayed at our boutique in Mercato Shopping Mall therefore the item(s) has to be with us physically for the period of sale.

Where does Bagatelle keep my item?

Your items are kept in-house at our secure, clean and temperature controlled warehouse.

How long will Bagatelle keep my items?

Bagatelle will keep your items for a minimum of 90 days where they will be posted, displayed and advertised to sell.

What happens after 90 days?

If the items were not sold after 90 days then we can:
1. Mutually agree to reduce the price and keep the item(s) for another 90 days without additional cost.
2. Keep the item(s) for the same price, for a warehouse fee of AED 100 per item per month.
3. Return the item(s) to you at no cost.

Can I collect my items anytime?

Yes you can collect your items anytime during our working hours. Kindly note that if you choose to take you item(s) before 90 days there will be a handling fee of 10% of the consignment value/per item. If you collect your items after 90 days there will be no charge. However, you need to notify us at least 3 days before you want to collect your items so we can get them ready.

Can Bagatelle send my item(s) to me?

Yes we can. Just provide us with your full address and we will return the items to you with our courier company. Please keep in mind that the Seller bears all shipping charges for returned items.

Does Bagatelle accept any or all items?

Shoppers have been coming to Bagatelle for 7 years because they know we provide the best and trust us completely. As a result, we have set high standards when accepting items to sell to ensure they find the quality designer items they desire. Therefore, Bagatelle reserves the right to accept/refuse listing an item in our boutique or on our website/social media if it does or does not match our exceptionally rigorous standards.

When will I receive payment after my item has sold?

Bagatelle makes the payment to the sellers after7 working days after the order has been completed, paid in full by the buyer and the item was not returned.

How will Bagatelle pay me for items sold?

At Bagatelle we pay our sellers in the following way:

1. Bank Transfer
2. Cheque
3. Through exchange centers such as: Western Union - Al Ansari - UAE Exchange - Xpress Money. In that case, the seller is responsible for paying the transfer charges.

How do I sell my items at Bagatelle?

Please refer to the How To Sell section.