At Bagatelle, we understand the importance of trust and integrity when it comes to buying things online. We also understand that shopping preloved luxury authentic items is not easy in a second hand industry that is filled with counterfeit sellers. That is why at Bagatelle we offer you a lifetime 100% authenticity guarantee for all items sold through us. Our 7 year experience along with our expert staff of authenticators make our process to authenticate rigorous and leaves no space for doubt. Before an item is accepted for sale at Bagatelle we do the following:

-   The item is checked first by the initial team to determine if this item can pass to the second phase of inspection.
-   Then two highly qualified authenticators that specialize in specific brands authenticate each item individually.
-   Every detail of the item, whether it is a handbag, shoes, or accessory, goes under thorough inspection and analysis to determine the quality of the brand. Stitching, hardware, stamping, date codes, serial numbers, quality of material, craftsmanship, all of these and more play a role in determining the authenticity of each item and each one of them is looked at.


We stand by and trust our experts and the authenticity of each item we sell in our Boutique and website. That is why we offer a lifetime return policy should any item we sell prove to be non-authentic. Your trust is our essence.